Who Is Citizen’s Book Club?

‘Who is The Citizen’s Book Club?’

Lex Paulson is a former Obama organizer, Democratic Party staffer, and legislative counsel on Capitol Hill. He is also a classics nut, having studied Greek philosophy at Yale and Roman history at Cambridge during a perhaps-ill-advised law degree. In October 2011 he left Washington D.C. to begin a PhD in political philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris. His new ‘Applied Classics’ series, bringing classical wisdom to bear on current political events, has been featured in Guernica and The Huffington Post.


Sean Farrell is a technologist who believes most technology is not really helping us. He aspires to create simple merges of tech and analog experiences which facilitate real interactions and encourage individual improvement. In 2008, he created a digital installation allowing people to voice their support for Obama while using their Facebook photo to dynamically generate a mosaic of the candidate’s face. He is also a history buff who explored ancient Rome, early America and the Middle East while at Yale. He has served as a documentary film editor, user experience designer and digital product director.

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